Benefits of Preschool in Early Childhood Growth

 Benefits of Preschool in Early Childhood Growth

To some, preschool may be an unnecessary stage in early childhood education. They attribute letting their children skip it entirely and just wait until the right age for Kindergarten to the children participating in preschool not even being much older than toddlers anyway.

Preschool, however, offers plenty of benefits for your child. In fact, it has the ability to give your child the edge they need in future classes, as well as an environment and experience that will greatly benefit their overall early childhood growth.

Here we look at some of the benefits of preschool, and why it is important to find the right place to provide your little one with proper childcare in New Hampshire:

  • Prepares Your Child for Higher Classes
    To start your child immediately on a structured curriculum such as one provided by Kindergarten may pose some challenges on your little one’s part. Preschool uses learning through play, while also teaching the basic fundamentals children need for the higher levels of schooling ahead. This allows your child to learn to focus early on and gives them an easy transition to Kindergarten.
  • Enhances Cognitive and Language Skills
    The early years of childhood are when a child’s brain is more capable of learning and retaining information. In preschool, your little one can easily develop their communication skills, through various routine activities such as conversations in the classroom, questions, and story time. Their cognitive skills are also enhanced through problem-solving and situational activities.
  • Promotes Emotional Development
    Preschool is a good, nurturing environment where your child can interact with other children, in turn, improving their social skills. They would also be able to establish good emotional resolve by encountering different situations in which they would have to decide how to respond to—of course, with guidance from teachers.
  • Boosts Your Child’s Creative Skills
    In preschool, children can let their imagination run its course, and even have them expressed through arts and crafts. They will be asked to share their work as well, and are given the chance to explain or even make a story about what they have created. This boosts your little one’s creativity and self-expression.
  • Encourages Independence and Responsibility
    Preschool is a place where your child can learn to take care of themselves, and even perform basic tasks such as washing their hands, putting on shoes and preparing their bags. They will also be taught how to be responsible, by encouraging them to help with classroom activities like setting the table during snack time or putting toys and materials back into place.

Play, Laugh N Grow Childcare & Pre School Center is a preschool and daycare center in Chester, New Hampshire that encourages and supports physical, intellectual, and emotional growth and development through our well-crafted programs and a safe, nurturing environment.

We are the pre school in New Hampshire you can trust to provide your little one with the tools and support they need to achieve an overall healthy early childhood development.

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