The 4 Important Foundations of a Child’s Character

The 4 Important Foundations of a Child’s Character

When a child is born, they are not packed with all the knowledge in the world because they have to acquire it one by one from their environment. That is why Sir Francis Galton’s ‘Nurture vs. Nature Theory’ will always have an impact toward understanding how people acquire their intelligence or learning.

We nurture good qualities at our Childcare in New Hampshire so that young children can be influenced with good traits that will guide them to be a person with good characteristics. Although education may play a major factor in building up a child’s character, here are the 4 important foundations that will influence a child’s character and development:

  1. Family
    As the basic unit of society, the family that a child is born into plays the most important part in child-rearing and guidance. Children who are born into abusive families can have negative effects on their growth as members of the society, but going back to Galton’s Theory, good nurturance can make all the difference in a child’s life and upbringing.
  2. Friends
    Friends are considered to be the people whom we can run to for acceptance and comfort. But sometimes, peer pressure can go wrong and can lead teenagers who are in their years of experimentation and discovery to acts that are harmful to one’s health. Friends can be good or bad influences, and learning to choose who stays in your life will be another important factor that will shape your character.
  3. Education
    Learning and education are important because even though one may not go to a physical school, the knowledge they learn becomes one of the pillars that will help them lead a life for themselves. At a real and tangible school, children get to learn how to interact and deal with the people around them because there is so much socialization to be done in a day. The days and hours that children spend at school can make or break their love for learning and their strength in character when they are in a social environment.
  4. Media
    The most powerful element that would influence how a child looks upon himself is the media. When they see idealistic or dangerous standards on the computer, television or in public edifices, it gives a certain strain on their thought process, even to the point of how they view the world. But with good parental guidance, children do not have to fall victim to believing all that they see on media.

At our Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire, we choose to promote good values and behavior that can influence children so they can decide for themselves how becoming a good person can make the world a better place to be in.

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