Tips to Make Reading Part of Your Every Day


You will be glad to know that even when they’re still in a Pre School in New Hampshire, your child’s reading ability can potentially increase in time. While their teachers are very instrumental in this important life skill, parents like you are still very indispensable. Your influence on the love of reading can contribute a lot towards building the learning capacity of your child.

As a Daycare Center in Chester, New Hampshire, we recognize the great value of reading that if it is started the earlier, the better. One of the helpful and effective ways to influence your child towards reading is to read to them or to let them hear you read. Hearing your voice accompanied by the act of reading itself serve for them as proofs that reading is something that they ought to follow from you.

However, reading to and with your child is not the only method of helping them to read. You’ll be glad to know that even in our simple day-to-day activities, we still can integrate reading influences little by little. For that, here are suggested activities we make:

  • When preparing for the meals, let them assist you so they can read the ingredients and labels of food. Preparing your meals together can also be a bonding opportunity with your child, so this way, you’re in fact in a win-win situation. Get them to read cooking instructions so that, by hearing them, you can also correct their mistakes and improve their reading even more.
  • When playing a game, let your little one read the instructions in the games. As a provider of Childcare in New Hampshire, we believe that urging the child to read can also empower them towards increasing their vocal volume, thus, by hearing themselves, helping them to improve themselves. In the context of games, your child will not feel that they have to do something academic, only that they’re assigned to do the reading.
  • When you bring them outside for grocery shopping, ask them to read aisle labels for you or even road signs. Whenever there’s a reading opportunity for your child, open it to them. This way, they can also learn to see little by little that reading is indeed a part of their daily activities and regular living. As you stay consistent with these habits, you can also indirectly encourage them to believe in their capacity to read, thus, increasing their confidence.

These are just simple recommendations on how you can really integrate reading activities in your day-to-day happenings. This practice is helping them to see that reading is indeed something that every person ought to do. Here at Play Laugh N Grow Childcare & Pre-School Center, our highly qualified teachers also do their best in preparing programs that promote our learner’s reading capacity. When reading potentials interest you, get in touch with us so you can inquire.

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